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A Water Tower is a fourth-level dungeon that contains 30 levels with mini-bosses on floors 10 and 20 and a Water Titan on floor 30.
Chests can be found on floors 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28, 29, and 30.


Floor 10 - Elite Goblin

Floor 20 - Champion Water Elemental

Floor 30 - Water Titan


Weakness Resists
Red Automatron Automatron Water-Mana-16px Electricity-Mana-16px
Green Bubble Bubble Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px
Djinni Green Djinni None None
ElectricZombie Electric Zombie Fire-Mana-16px Electricity-Mana-16px
BlueO Goblin None None
Blue Harpy Harpy Electricity-Mana-16px Air-Mana-16px
RedIron Golem Iron Golem None Fire-Mana-16pxElectricity-Mana-16px
Reptilian-Beast Reptilian Beast Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px
Blue Water Element Water Elemental Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px
Final Boss
Water Titan
Water Titan
Unknown Unknown

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