• Zenira

    Attack Strategies

    February 22, 2013 by Zenira

    So I'm having some difficulty with the level 3 Earth dungeons, particularly when a high-level Earth Elemental appears. Their Pound ability can one-shot me, and the only way I can think of preventing it would be to be running 2 mages with a fire ability that stacks fire mana onto the enemy's mana bar.

    It could be that all of my party members do not have the armor to handle their attacks, but even with defending I am getting one-shot by their Pound ability.

    I did improve my strategy a bit with Iron Golems, the key being to exert patience and generate mana for the Machinist in my party to forge to Metal. I think I can withstand a full 6-stack Pummel so long as I'm defending.

    More later!

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