This page covers the basics of grinding your character up to level 17.

Step 1

  • Created new account
  • Reach level 5 and work on level 1 dungeon 

Step 2

  • Move to a level 2 dungeon until you are level 9 or 12

Step 3

  • It is possible to skip level 3 dungeons and start grinding floor 1 of a tower but its recommended you reach level 12 first.
  • Once you reach level 12 you should be able to grind the first floor of a dungeon.

Step 4

  • Once you reach level 13 you should be able to grind floor 5 and 6 for larger amounts of XP. Floors 1-5 give around 1-2K XP

Step 5

  • Reach lvl 14
  • Grind floors 8 and 9 of a tower. Floors 6-9 should give you about 2-3K XP each

Step 6

  • Hit lvl 15
  • Grind floors 9-12. Floor 10 should give you around 5K XP

Step 7

  • Hit the true grinding stage (levels 15-17)
  • Hit level 16

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